Friday, December 28, 2012

Not As Blustery Today

Yesterday's winds are a brief thing of the past -- the chilled temperatures though will not be as we remain in a colder regime in the Delaware Valley.  Winds, which yesterday gusted over 30 mph in many locations, will only be around 10 mph through much of the day.  It won't feel as nasty out there.

We're starting out mainly in the 20's and low 30's this morning around the region, poised to nudge up to 40 by day's end.  Not historic or absurd cold compared to normal but it is a typically cold December day on tap for the region.  Sunshine should be around for the morning before high clouds advance later in the day ahead of tomorrow's snowy system.  However, it will be brighter, less blustery, and a tolerable day around the region.