Saturday, December 29, 2012

Not As Robust A System, Still Chilly Though

Temperatures this morning are cold -- generally in the 20's and 30's through the region -- and the weak storm system that's poised to move through today is still on its approach.  It's not looking terribly impressive on radar (see below) -- especially with a larger dryslot of precipitation across Maryland and Virginia that's looming to edge northeast into parts of the region.  More substantial precipitation with the coastal low looms across Virginia and the Delmarva and should work up the coast through the balance of the morning.

We've revised precipitation totals downward this morning in reflection of the drier trend on radar and in guidance from last night -- for some, we might not have shaved off enough snow but we're going to tweak things a bit on snow.  With less precipitation forthcoming thanks to that dryslot, about an inch of snow is about all we can muster in the city today as precipitation will be lighter, more modest, and probably be mixed with some drizzle and light rain at times.  However, there should be enough 'there' there to get past a trace (I hope).  Farther southeast, little or no snow is likely right now.  North and west look in line for a couple of inches, with the Poconos potentially picking up 3 to 5 as the northern precipitation flank looks pretty solid and should give them a decent snowfall later on today.

Temperatures today generally hang in the 30's -- below average for all of us for the first time in three weeks -- with a light east wind at 10 mph or less that will veer to the northwest towards evening.

I'll have more on the "lack" of precipitation and what's causing this later on this morning.