Monday, December 17, 2012

Odds Of Accumulating Snow Are Quite Low On Friday

Around here, the Thursday into Friday cold front will knock our temperatures back into reality as more 'typical' temperatures return to the Delaware Valley after our mild morass of the past few days finally comes to an end with the Thursday front.

While snow showers and flurries from lake effect bands are possible on Friday and Saturday around the region, the odds of any accumulations are really quite low.  Yeah, if you're in the Poconos or across the areas that typically get lake effect snowfall, you may get some accumulations and an inch, perhaps two, can't be ruled out...and it might even snow at the tail end of the storm as well up there!

However, the region by and large will see just flurries or snow showers in the wake of the front.  The GFS and Euro (GFS the upper map below, the Euro the bottom of the two) are not showing accumulation potential in the region as we work into Friday or between Friday and Sunday.

There could be some minor accumulations in the Poconos on Thursday night into Friday on the back end of the storm but odds really favor the whole of the Thursday/Friday event to be in the form of rain around here. As the cold front pushes through the region, precipitation should quickly cut off with the frontal passage.  Odds do not favor a changeover of rain to snow could do so in the Poconos where air will be colder on the front end of the storm and will not need as much of a drop off to get the changeover to snow.   Philly may be in the 50's on Thursday evening...that transition to snow may be a bit too tough to pull off before precipitation ends locally.

If you're north of I-80, such a transition may be possible.  Just not around here.