Friday, December 21, 2012

Officially Winter...And Feelin' Like It

A rainy, windy night across the region is giving way to winter as a cold front is marching east through the Delaware Valley this morning.  Rain ends as the front crosses the region, or shortly thereafter, with cold winds blowing in the wake of the frontal boundary passage.

Temperatures that were in the 50's in the early, early morning hours around Philly will be a thing of the past for a while as a colder pattern moves on in.  Expect temperatures through the day generally dropping through  the 40's and probably into the 30's north and west by afternoon.  The city and south/east will probably hang around or just above 40 into most of the afternoon but as evening hits drop into the 30's.

Winds will be a factor -- west and northwest sustained in the high teens or low 20's, gusts to 35 mph.  Wind chills will be several degrees cooler as a result.

Besides the increasing wind, flurries and snow showers will be approaching from the west on the strength of dying lake effect bands.  These snow showers may cross the Poconos and Lehigh Valley after 4 PM as the lake effect machine cranks up in earnest and parts of the region get the last morsels of snowy fun from earlier.