Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sunday's Possibly Icy Pocono Start

The first of several waves of low pressure that will cross the US over the next week is going to pass through the Great Lakes tomorrow, weakening out as it does so. Modeling suggests some precipitation does push through tomorrow morning as the first fingers of energy with this wave move on in but given this system will be rather modest, not much in the way of rain will fall through the region tomorrow morning.

However, given temperatures at the surface will be below freezing up to our north, the possibility of a light coating of snow and ice can't be ruled out in the Poconos or northwestern New Jersey early Sunday morning.   It's minor in accumulation potential but it has the possibility to slick things up as you head out the door for church or wherever you're heading on Sunday morning...or if you're travelling up to the north a few of the non-major roads could be slick between 5 and 10 AM.

NAM showing the potential for some snow or light freezing rain/sleet for the Poconos early on Sunday morning in advance of the first wave of storms over the coming week.

Temperatures will warm gradually through the atmosphere, changing any snow over to liquid precipitation, with temperatures at the surface gradually warming above freezing afterwards.  Precipitation may fall as light snow to sleet or icy rain before temperatures reach 32 degrees later on.  Any precipitation, again, should be light so impact should not be overly significant.

Here in the city, rain is the likely precipitation type for Sunday.  More precipitation will spread in during Sunday from the southwest with the first storm system, with a showery Sunday night and early Monday on tap from the rest of the first wave of this storm system before the second wave moves through, now scheduled for Monday night and early Tuesday (also as rain).