Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Biggest Weather Stories of 2012

2012 was another wild, wacky year of weather in the Delaware Valley. From a warm "winter" that set the stage for our warmest year on record to the derecho that blasted through South Jersey in June, or Sandy's ravaging of the region in late October to our hot July that included two 100 degree days, it's definitely been another year of records (not necessarily good ones) in the region.

We took the biggest stories and broke them down to five general "big stories" that were the largest of 2012 -- we'll highlight each of them over the coming days. It's your call on which one of these five is the biggest -- I'm pretty sure one will likely stand out above the others -- but in a democratic republic the readers should have sway on the final verdict. Poll
Which wx story was the biggest of 2012?
Warmest Year On Record
July 100 Degree Days (Again)
Early November Snow Blitz In Central NJ

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2012's five biggest stories run the gamut in terms of impact -- but are largely Jersey-centric since they suffered the most from the at-times cruel hand of Mother Nature. Sandy arguably had the most widespread impact in the Delaware Valley -- from flooding rains to power outages but the other stories in less active years would arguably make a run for top billing. Sandy is by far my thought for the biggest weather story of 2012 but outside of Sandy there were other interesting meteorological stories to talk about.

Tomorrow, we lead off with the Warmest Year On Record. Warmest years haven't happened around here all that often and despite how warm the past few years have been, they were not as warm as 2012 will end up being. 1931 will have to step aside and make room. Since it was the warmest year on record, we'll also highlight the 100 degree days that happened in July for the third year in a row, which is a pretty rare accomplishment.

Saturday, while it snows, we'll talk about the derecho that rocked South Jersey on June 29 into 30th. Arguably the largest severe weather event to hit them in many years. Sunday is a rehash of Sandy, which hammered almost the entire Jersey Shore. Last, we'll close out 2012 with the early November snow blitz that largely missed Philadelphia but hammered Monmouth and Ocean Counties.