Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Weather Stories: Snow Week After Sandy

The below radar image summed things up for Philadelphia about a week after Sandy had slapped the region. A developing coastal low pressure center fired up snowfall across New Jersey but getting steady, accumulating snow into Philadelphia was practically impossible.

However, for areas of Central New Jersey that just a week ago were ravaged by Sandy's push of ten feet or more of water, this storm was a wintry slap that many probably didn't want quite this soon after the hurricane hybrid pushed ashore.

Not only did this snow mean business for the Shore and inland areas above Atlantic City, it lead to the cancellation of a MLS playoff game due to snow (a first) and was among the earliest big season snows on record in New Jersey and Metropolitan New York.  As much as thirteen inches of snow fell in Monmouth County, a foot in Ocean County, with three to four inches as close as Mount Holly and Marlton in New Jersey, and four plus inches in Morrisville, Bucks County.

However, for Philly, just a trace (one of several so far this cold season) accumulated.  Dry air aloft effectively ate away at the wall of precipitation trying to advance in from the east, resulting in lighter precipitation that couldn't fall heavy enough or fast enough to result in accumulations in Philadelphia or points west.

This storm wasn't as powerful as other coastals or other snowstorms that have rocked the East Coast over the years, certainly wasn't as potent as Sandy.  That said, given how close Sandy was and how many areas impacted by Sandy got hit pretty hard with snow in Central and North Jersey, it was worthy of consideration among the bigger weather stories of the year.  Arguably not as big as Sandy but still noteworthy.