Friday, December 07, 2012

Tricky Temperatures For Saturday

A family of fronts will lurk through the region over the coming weekend -- and tomorrow's temperature forecast, which we alluded to the trickiness yesterday, is assuredly going to bust for some in a mild way while bust in a cold way for others.

Computer modeling as of this morning suggests a warm front stalls between Philly and Allentown tomorrow -- with 50's and 60's south of the front (See the NAM temperature profile below), and 40's to the north.  This front's push northward has varied a bit over the past day or so, with modeling showing a trend towards a less aggressive northward push in warmth compared to earlier on.  Instead of aggressive NAM runs suggesting 60's for tomorrow afternoon in the city, mid and upper 50's are what's being suggested.

60 is still doable but less likely at this point as it does look like we will see much more in the way of cloudiness than sunshine tomorrow across the region.  It also will not help that we will have a damp start with  a few lingering showers and perhaps some drizzle around town to start the weekend.

With the first family of fronts pushing through on Saturday afternoon, the cool front that settles to our south will stall and reverse course on Sunday afternoon and evening, with a warmup likely for Monday ahead of a second stronger front.  The result will be a bit of a temperature roller coaster between today and Monday, with a couple of warm peaks and a chilled valley on Sunday in between.