Saturday, December 01, 2012

Tuesday Mildest Of Upcoming Stretch

Temperature moderation continues through the duration of the weekend, with our push towards 60 in some parts of the region tomorrow and further expansion of those mild temperatures early next week.

How mild are we talking? Well, 60's look pretty likely in the city and points south on Monday and Tuesday, with the highest probability of everyone getting solidly into the 60's on Tuesday.   Moderation in temperatures continues in steps each of the next four days -- upper 50's to near 60 tomorrow in the city, lower/mid 60's on Monday, mid 60's on Tuesday.

The Euro (below) shows the expanse of 60's at midday on Tuesday across the region -- with only the Shore and the Poconos likely to avoid getting that mild.  It's possible the city pushes above 65 on Tuesday afternoon for a high and some locations nudge 67.  While warm, this isn't record setting for Philadelphia.  Monday's record is 68 (not likely although we'll get into the 60's) and Tuesday's record is 73.

This second cold front has more pop to it as it crosses the region early on Wednesday.  Temperatures will probably reach their Wednesday highs at Midnight or in the predawn hours before the front crosses the region, with a cooler afternoon potentially setting up.  The Euro models temperatures in the 50's across the region Tuesday night ahead of this front and both it and the GFS project it to cross the region right before the morning rush with some showers.  The front will bring an end to the 60+ regime and put us back towards normal early December weather (highs near 50) for the balance of the week.