Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Warmest First Half Of December Since 2001

Flipping the coin completely in weather does happen in the cold season -- going from a cold stretch of several weeks to a warmer one that lasts for several weeks on end.  December is doing pretty much an opposite of what most typical Decembers do -- and is shaping up more like a typical November.  Average temperatures so far this month are running 6.4 degrees above average -- and the average temperature in the first half of the month is the warmest we've seen in Philadelphia since 2001.

Temperatures in the first half of December 2001 averaged 49.9 degrees (seriously, it was that warm).  This December's "only" averaged 46.0 through Sunday.

The main part of December's weather theme has been dreary conditions -- only three of the first 16 days this month have featured 50% or more of a cloudless sky through the day, with half of the month featuring nearly or completely cloudy conditions.  December's one of the more gray months historically but even by our standards this is still a bit excessive.

Despite the drear, rainfall so far this month has been modest.  Philadelphia is running over an inch below average on rain for the month.  South Jersey has been the beneficiary of quite a bit of rain -- over three inches has fallen in Atlantic City this month, but the rest of the region is running below average this month by about an inch.