Sunday, December 09, 2012

Weather Rewind, December 2-8, 2012

 A very mild stretch of weather last week in the Delaware Valley as temperatures averaged seven degrees above normal for the first full week of December.  We flirted with a record high on Monday (67 was just a degree shy of it) and had another very mild day on Tuesday (66), which more than made up for the sole below average day we had on Thursday when it only got to 43 degrees.

We had four tenths of an inch of rain last week -- the bulk of it on Friday into early Saturday with a warm front that slowly moved north through the region and brought a couple of rounds of rain to the region.  Between this and the fog that lurked around the region on Sunday, we had a fair amount of damp and murky weather around the region.

Nationally, December has started quite mild for almost all of the country as cold air has generally been confined to Europe and Alaska (both places are quite cold compared to average).  In parts of the Midwest and Plains, temperatures have averaged over fifteen degrees from normal!  So far this month, we're over six degrees above average, including December 1st.