Sunday, December 30, 2012

Weather Rewind: December 23-29, 2012

The good news for cold loves is we finally got our first sub 40 degree high in Philadelphia -- 35 on Saturday.  We also got our first "official" snow of the winter at the Airport on Christmas Eve thanks to the National Weather Service back-reporting 0.2" of snow after an initial report of a trace down there.  All that factored in, temperatures will still above average last week in the city by three degrees, thanks in large part to clouds around on many of the nights preventing much downward movement on the temperatures.  Our highs were at or below average on four of the seven days last week but lows were above average all week.

The other story out of last week, besides the parade of snowfalls on Christmas Eve, Wednesday (mainly in the Poconos), and Saturday was the generally soggy nature of the pattern.  The city picked up 1.56" of rain out of last week's storm systems -- with some two to four inch rain totals common along the Shore between Wednesday and Saturday.  Atlantic City will end December with over seven inches of rain -- about three and a half inches above average.

Those storm systems last week helped lay down a nice blanket of white across the country...we're now up to 63% of the nation with at least some snow cover as of this morning.  While Philadelphia has just a trace or a coating in many yards and South Jersey is still snowless for now, it's still more than three times as much real estate that's covered in at least some snow compared to this time a winter ago (19%).