Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weather Rewind -- December 9-15, 2012

Temperatures last week averaged 6.6 degrees above average in Philadelphia -- and we scored yet another 60 degree high on Monday.  In fact, we have been above average on temperatures each day but two -- the 6th (below average) and 7th (average on the dot).  It's been a much milder December than "typical" and a stark reversal of the cold November we had.

In addition to the warmth, it was pretty damp in the first half of the week as rain fell on Sunday, as well as briefly on Monday and very early Tuesday morning.  Total rainfall in Philadelphia for the week was 0.46", but we're still below average (at least as of now) for the month of December.  Over the past 60 days (and actually going back before then for New Jersey), it's been quite dry for everyone north of Philadelphia.  Rainfall is running generally at about half to 75 percent of normal since mid October, with areas north of New York City below half of normal rainfall (even drier than us).   The boffo wet areas -- South Jersey and Delaware -- were the areas that picked up substantial rainfall from Sandy.