Sunday, December 30, 2012

Windy and Cold

In the wake of yesterday's storm system that brought snow to areas north and west of the city, we are left this morning with cold and windy conditions.  Because of the winds, temperatures did not drop that much overnight, and they will not really move too much during the day today.  Temperatures are cooler where the snow fell such as in the Poconos where its in the low 20's.  In the city and points south and east, temperatures are in the upper 20's to lower 30's as of 7am.

We'll see mainly sunny skies today, but the big story will be the winds.  It will be very breezy with a gusting Northwest wind from 15-25 mph with higher gusts into the 30's.  This will make it feel even colder if you will be outside for a while today.  The winds will calm down tonight and by tomorrow, while still cold, it will feel much better.