Monday, January 21, 2013

A Bit More On Tonight's Snow Shower Potential

Tonight's snow shower activity may not be a fully widespread setup -- it has a bit of a convective look to it...similar to what moves through during the summer with a line of showers or thunderstorms. No, we're not thinking or suggesting thundersnow but this setup with the approaching trough of enforcing cold moving through the region there is a little bit of instability in the atmosphere, enough to trigger a line of snow showers and flurries later on this afternoon and this evening.

This isn't going to be a massive squall of super-intense snow and in many respects it may end up being similar to what we had moving through on Friday morning in the city -- enough to dust the car in spots, enough to blow by the window in others, but a few others will be "blessed" enough to get some accumulating snow.

Higher resolution models are showing this band of snow showers and flurries increasing in intensity as it moves east through the region this evening, taking about four hours to zip on through the region from west to east.  It's a relatively quick moving band of snow showers.

Again, not everyone will get in on accumulations of note.  At worst, you probably see some flurries.  At best, you might be one of those lucky individuals that get an inch or so of snow as the band moves through this evening.  The higher resolution NAM suggests some scatterings of those one inch plus totals, with coating to dusting type totals possible elsewhere.  The best chances for an inch of snow exist over the Poconos but there could be some inch totals in New Jersey and other scattered locations north of Philadelphia.  Specific placement of the inch plus snows in this type of setup is like predicting who gets a scattered storm in July -- just know you have a shot of getting it but don't be disappointed if you don't get that inch of snow tonight.

We'll post some updates on this later this afternoon & evening on Facebook and via twitter.