Sunday, January 06, 2013

A Generally Mild Rain Later This Week

After picking up a trace or a few tenths of an inch of snow last night in your backyard, the week's generally milder trend will have you longing for more cold and snow -- you have a to wait a while for it, perhaps to the end of the month, but by and large the next week to ten days will feature milder weather around here.

The next system that moves through is timed for Thursday night into Friday and will be a mild system for the vast majority of the region. Low pressure is likely to track through the Great Lakes and a solid southwesterly flow of air in the atmosphere will push ahead of it.  A warm front will track through the region, perhaps producing some light rain as it moves on in.  Given it's coming in at night, areas to the north of Philadelphia (Poconos, specifically) may have some icy showers to deal with as precipitation starts up on Thursday night.  The sub 32 areas on the graphic below have the big arrows pointing at them -- generally the mountains to our north and west but it should not be an issue nearby as it will simply be a bit too mild.  Given temperatures aloft will be above freezing, snow is not likely with this next storm anywhere close to our region as it moves in.

It's still a ways out but given how little storm activity there is in the overall pattern between now and then it's worth giving the heads up about.  We will keep an eye on it and if the trend is towards colder and towards icier nearby, we will let you know.  Right now, that colder/icier trend doesn't look likely but if you are in the Poconos or travelling through there Thursday night, keep half an eye on the weather as we approach this next storm.