Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another Day In Twentiesville

We continue our chilled reality in the Delaware Valley as a weak clipper intensifies in the Atlantic, pulling down reinforced chill from Canada.  Yesterday wasn't "as" windy as Tuesday although it was still breezy.  We'll notch up the winds a bit again today as northwest winds blow at 14-20 mph, gusting perhaps over 25 at times.  The early morning snow across Southern Delaware and Cape May will pull away in the next few hours after coating and dusting your yard, car, and roadway.

It could be worse -- the NAM model below outlines subzero afternoon temperatures across the Adirondacks.  Better they get it than us...although highs below 10 degrees are likely across Upstate New York tomorrow afternoon.  It won't be much better here but at least we'll be in the lower and middle 20's across the region.

Mid 20's is what we top out at today but with winds in the teens, wind chills at their best get into the teens although some single digit wind chills aren't out of the question around town.  At least the sun will be out.