Saturday, January 19, 2013

Briefly Bouncing Milder

Today's going to shape up as a nicer day around the region.  Temperatures will be a good 15 degrees milder this afternoon than they were yesterday afternoon as south and southwest breezes blow in out ahead of a cold front that pushes through on Sunday.

Those breezes may make it feel a bit less harsh out there but with winds blowing at 10 to 16 mph in general, with higher gusts, temperatures will feel a bit colder than the actual air temperature.  That said, it will be a nicer, and milder, day around the region as temperatures bounce into the upper 40's in Philadelphia under mostly sunny skies (as outlined above on the graphic that shows a pretty clear sky in the afternoon hours around here).  It will likely be around 50 south of town...and for one more day you'll get to feel the "lack" of winter we've had around here.

All that begins to change on Sunday as a cold surge moves on in during the afternoon.