Friday, January 04, 2013

Brisk, Breezy, Chilly Day

Today's going to shape up as a breezy and chilly day. A trough passed through the region last night and has provided a wind shift and increase to the west as high pressure builds across the South and low pressure cuts across Southeast Canada. The gradient between these two features will result in a breezy day across the Mid Atlantic and Northeast, making already seasonal chill feature a few degrees colder.

The graphic below shows winds at 10 meters up -- the orange over the Appalachians and over the Atlantic suggests winds that will sustain at over 20 kts (23 mph).  Winds will be sustained in the high teens tomorrow, approaching 20 mph in the highest sustained levels.  However, let's add some gusts to it and you'll have some wind gusts that could surpass 30 mph in the afternoon.

The result will be wind chill values that will be in the 20's -- despite highs that will reach the mid or upper 30's depending on location (warmest south of the city).  While not brutal, tomorrow's winds will add a bit of cold reality to the region and reinforce an already cold pattern in place over us for at least one more day before it relaxes a bit tomorrow.