Friday, January 18, 2013

Brisk But Eventually Brighter

A cold front is pushing through the region this morning, with northwest and northerly breezes nudging in some colder air that will work down through the region over the course of the day. Temperatures likely don't move much despite increasing amounts of sunshine later on compared to what's shown below for temperatures as of 4 AM.  We'll probably see a few degree upward movement later on today but generally mid and upper 30's is about the best the region will probably muster for high temperatures.

A few flurries are showing up on radar as they push southeast along the frontal boundary.  Might be a "flizzard" of slightly heavier flurries moving through before 8 AM in a few spots but it's enough to remind you that winter is around and that, for today, temperatures will feel like it.

Mid/upper 30's for highs, northwest winds at 8 to 16 mph, yield wind chills around freezing.  Not terribly nor Arctic cold but typical cold for January.  Thankfully, finally, sunshine will return.