Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Damp, A Notch Less Chill

Fog, low clouds, and drizzle. A warm front must be nearby if it's January and those three are in the forecast for the day ahead...and that is indeed the case. We're dealing with warm air surging in aloft but at the surface it's going to take its own sweet time to move on in as the chill of the past week wants to hang around a bit longer.

Drizzle in spots, low clouds for all, and some fog will rule the roost today for much of the region.  We may, just may, see some brightening south of the city this afternoon.  Temperatures, as modeled on the higher resolution NAM, appear to respond to some breaks in the clouds during the afternoon hours and could nudge into the upper 40's south of the city.

Locally, though, it's not going to be that mild.  Low 40's looks to be our top shelf temperature. We could nudge higher if breaks in the low clouds can be coaxed out of the sky but it's doubtful.  It will be colder north of the city -- 30's likely in Allentown and the Poconos.  The Shore and Southern Delaware could crack 50.  It will be a less than stellar day.  Wednesday will transition milder ahead of a cold front.  60 can't be ruled out at some point on Wednesday afternoon ahead of a cold front but the warmth will be short in duration.