Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dreary Start Around

From a January weather standpoint, today won't be the nicest of days.  Typically, it's tough to get very mild AND nice days in January although they can sometimes happen.  Today won't be one of those as low clouds, fog, and some drizzle abound around the area this morning to start your day.  Expect skies to remain mainly gray through the morning and into the afternoon hours.  There could be some brightening of the skies towards mid afternoon as what little strength from the sun works through the cloud deck and burns some of it off.  The NAM depicts a mid afternoon look where most of the region deals with low or mid level clouds, with some clearing in a few spots possible.

Temperatures tomorrow are sunshine dependent but we've shaved a few degrees off of past forecasts to reflect the additional clouds around.  We'll likely see mid 50's in the city, upper 50's south, lower 50's north and northwest with low clouds winning for much of the day.  If sun breaks out a bit earlier, we could make a run at 60 in many locations.  That said, it's still going to be a mild day despite the additional drear.