Monday, January 14, 2013

Early Fog/More Clouds Than Sun

The fog continues to plague parts of the region this morning.  Dense fog advisories remain in effect for counties along the Delaware River and points north and east of the city into NJ.  Through the morning hours, the fog will finally give way as some drier air begins to move in from the Northwest as a cold front very slowly moves its way through the region.  There are a few showers ahead of the front, but these are mainly in Maryland and will only affect areas in Delaware.

While the fog will dissapate, there will be lots of clouds that remain.  Some peaks of sun are possible during the afternoon, with some drying and light westerly wind.  Temperatures will remain fairly steady throughout the day.  Current temperatures are very mild for this time of year with mid 50's as of 7am.  This is already some 15 degrees above average for a daily high.  Just goes to show you how warm it really is out there. If anything, our high for the day may come this morning, as the cold front passage, will drop temperatures a bit through the afternoon hours.

While there will be some drying today, the next two days will see chances for rain, especially areas south and east of the city as the cold front passing through today will stall.  Waves of low pressure will develop bringing the chances for rain.  It won't be until Thursday till we really begin to dry out the atmosphere.