Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flood Advisories Until 6:45 For City & I-95

Flood Advisories are out until 6:45 as the main shield of rain associated with the storm system is now pushing into the region.  In the western suburbs, these same advisories are also out to the north and west of a KOP-West Chester line until 6 AM.

The storm system has produced wind gusts earlier to 56 mph in Dover prior to the line moving in and there have been a couple of higher reports in New Jersey during the 2 AM hour with pre-frontal winds (the high wind warning part of the event), but wind gusts with the line itself have generally been in the 35-50 mph range.  Winds across New Jersey over the next hour or two could exceed 60 mph...this is the "main event" part of the storm for I-95 and points east going forward.  New Jersey is in a more prime spot for stronger wind gusts than city and west as the squall line moves on east.

Heavy rain will cross the city and New Jersey over the next couple of hours, with the actual cold push still lagging behind a bit.   Temperatures are in the 50's back into Central Pennsylvania still, with winds much lighter once the squall line pushes through for a little while.  That lighter wind will gradually change as the push of cold farther west gradually makes its way east and temperatures will eventually drop.

With the line, expect a heavy downpour that could briefly flood streets or result in ponding water across susceptible areas.  However, with rainfall tonight generally confined west and northwest of the city (see graphic below) the threat for a significant flooding event on streams is low in New Jersey....although some minor flooding on the usual suspect spots that tend to flood at a drop of a hat is possible.