Friday, January 25, 2013

Incoming Light Snow Late Today

It'll be modest, it'll be won't be the biggest snowfall you'll ever get but if Philadelphia breaks 1.4" it will be the largest the city has had this winter so far.  Computer modeling projects snow approaching the western suburbs for the onset of the evening rush hour, with it spreading quickly east over the evening commute home.  This is a fast moving system so it won't be around a long time but as the timing of the system is such that it will start up during the rush hour, it looks like we'll have some commute impacts for the drive home, especially the tail end of it.

We'll post an updated graphic with some slight changes later this morning but the general idea is skies clouding over, with light snow moving in late in the afternoon and this evening.  With skies trending cloudy, we'll probably not warm up much and we'll have to deal with a cold and raw day.  Highs will be in the lower 20's in the city, probably not getting above 20 north of the city.  At least winds will be light compared to yesterday.