Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 16th, 2013 Forecast

Rain and snow from the second of two waves of low pressure will traverse the region tonight, with rain likely for the city, immediate suburbs, and points south.  However, north of a Doylestown-Pottstown line there will be some frozen precipitation falling...with sleet and freezing rain right near that zone of transition and snow farther north across the Poconos, and a varied bag of all three across the Lehigh Valley.  Snow could accumulate to two to three inches across the Poconos overnight as this system moves through.  For us in the city, a cold rain is in the offing.

Lows overnight range from the 20's farther north to the 30's elsewhere.

Rain and snow taper in the morning hours from southwest to northeast, with clouds and some drizzle lingering for much of the day.  A few breaks in the clouds are possible late in the afternoon.  Otherwise, it'll be a dreary day around the Delaware Valley as highs only get into the lower 40's again...warmer towards the coast, colder north and west.

We've sped up the timing on the front for Sunday, reflecting modeling trends from today that send the cold front through the region a few hours faster on Sunday, which means that Saturday will be a bit milder in response to the push of "warmth" ahead of the cold front that moves through.   Colder air than what's advertised here is in the offing after next Tuesday.