Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 24th, 2013 Forecast

Our cold regime gets some reinforcing pop in the form of a disturbance that's tracking down from the northwest.  This disturbance will spread some snow showers through the region this evening and tonight, with the potential of enough snow shower activity to perhaps produce coating type accumulations south of Philadelphia tonight, particularly down towards Cape May, Dover, and points south.  For the rest of us, those flurries and snow showers will be fewer in number and won't do a whole lot other than beautify a cold night in the region.   Lows overnight will drop into the teens for many, single digits farther north.  Thanks to cloud cover, we could avoid getting as cold as last night.

That weak disturbance pulls away, with sunshine taking over on Thursday.  Winds increase as the disturbance pulls away and intensifies in the Atlantic, with northwest winds at 12-20 mph gusting to perhaps 30 adding more bite to the wind.  The sun won't help much but temperatures will be a notch less cold than past days.  Expect highs in the 20's through the region, with mid 20's in Philly.

Attention turns to Friday's system and the potential for light snows -- we will have more information on that system this evening as it could produce a few inches of snow.  A graphic showing how much we think will fall  will be along for the ride as well!