Monday, January 28, 2013

Light Icy Mix to Rain

Light snow, sleet and freezing rain have moved into the region.  Its already affect all areas in Delaware and Southeast/Eastern PA.  The edge of the precip as of 7am is just moving into the city and Southern NJ.  Temperatures are well below freezing, in the mid to upper 20's for most locations, with the city currently at 30 degrees.   While there may be some snow at the onset, it should quickly changeover to sleet and then freezing rain for the city and points south and east.  North and west of the city into PA, it may snow a bit longer before the changeover to ice.  But in these areas, the cold air at the surface is really going to have a tough time exiting, so these places will remain a wintry mix all day today.

In the city and points south and east, we'll see a few hrs of ice this morning before a changeover to rain, as the southerly flow will gradually erode the cold air at the surface.  Current mos guidance suggests a changeover to all rain in these spots by noon to 1pm, with it being sooner closer to the coastline and in central/southern Delaware.

The precipitation will mainly be light throughout the day, but it only take a little bit of ice and snow to cause big problems.  Be careful driving this morning if out on the roads. Temperatures will gradually warm through the day and continue to warm through tomorrow and Wednesday.  A very roller-coaster week will take place as far as temperatures go.