Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Not So Nifty (For Cold Lovers) Approach of 50

We make a run at 50 degrees today in the Delaware Valley under a sky that will vary in sunshine from mostly sunny to a high veil of overcast as milder air pushes in aloft and a weak atmospheric trough passes through.  Breezes will be modest, from the west and southwest at 10 mph or so, which means the day will be pretty darn nice by January standards...and enjoyable unless you like cold.

Best chances of warmer than 50 will be south of the city.  The city should reach 50, with northern burbs getting into the upper 40's.

You can see the passing high overcast (dashed lines on the map below) progged to pass through the region during the course of the day.  Given the atmosphere is dry and given the trough is really weak, no rain is expected to fall from those clouds but they will likely prevent an all-sunny day around here.