Thursday, January 31, 2013

Potential For Some Snow Showers Over Next Few Days

Going from windswept rain to snow showers in a 24-30 hour window is what we'll get to experience around here.  A reinforced shot of cold air aloft will push east with a weak disturbance tonight and tomorrow, spreading snow showers to our south.  The NAM is, not surprisingly, the most tuned into the snow shower potential and is showing a swath of a couple of inches of snow across Sussex County down to our south, with snow showers possibly coating up to Dover and Cape May (see graphic below).

Not sure if it gets to a couple of inches, but those snow showers might coat or accumulate to an inch south of a Dover-Cape May line tomorrow morning as this weak disturbance pushes through.  Flurries are possible north of that but I don't foresee any accumulations above the Dover-Cape May line.

It's the first of two disturbances we'll have through the region over a 60 hour window.  The second will push through Saturday night into Sunday morning with more snow showers possible.  This second system has the prospect of spinning up a coastal low pressure center that could enhance or throw some additional moisture back inland. Modeling will waffle on details for Sunday over the next couple of days but be in tune to the potential for some additional snow showers around the region late Saturday night and Sunday morning around the region that could bring some coating type accumulations around town.