Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sloppy Mess North, Dreary Elsewhere

It's a raw morning around the Delaware Valley -- temperatures generally range from the 20's in the Poconos to the mid an upper 30's along the coast, with I-95 sitting squarely in the middle 30's as of 4 AM.  Winter weather advisories remain out until 11 AM for the upper halves of Montco, Bucks, and Chester Counties early this morning as some spots deal with temperatures just below freezing and have some freezing rain...particularly in the hillier terrain that tends to be a bit colder.  If you're above Doylestown-Pottstown and west of Route 100 (or generally near those areas), be careful heading out this morning as some spots are slick in the outlying north/west burbs.

Across the Lehigh Valley and points north, varied amounts of sleet, freezing rain, and snow have fallen overnight.  Between two and five inches of snow have fallen across the southern Poconos as of 4 AM and another inch or so is doable over the next couple of hours before precipitation from this portion of the storm system tapers off.

As you can see by radar below, the first half of this storm system is overhead but there is more precipitation back across West Virginia that is moving east.  That area of shower activity will push through the city and south later on today...there might be a break in between what's overhead now and what's to come later but any break will be brief.  Farther north, precipitation should taper off to patchy areas of drizzle, freezing drizzle in the Lehigh Valley, and light snow/drizzle in the Poconos (snizzle).

Temperatures today will vary a bit based on location -- 30's north, 40 along I-95 late in the afternoon, with low 40's south of town.  We won't see much upward mobility and even what's predicted here might be a bit optimistic but as the second wave of shower activity leaves, there should be just drying to nudge temperatures a few degrees higher later on.  However, it's not going to be a nice day by any stretch out there -- essentially raw, damp, and blah.