Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Winding Down

New Jersey is now enjoying a couple of last hurrahs from this evening's snowfall as it pulls away.  Snowfall averaged between one and three inches across the Delaware Valley, with a couple of inches common along the 422 corridor down into Philadelphia and across Delaware County into South Jersey.  Picturesque but the timing sucked for it since snow fell during the rush hour, resulting in double to triple the average commute home from the office for many.  422, 76, and 202 in particular on the Pennsylvania side of the river were proverbial parking lots.

There is still some residual moisture around so "glitter snow" (as a friend of mine put it earlier tonight) may fall for a while longer after the main band pulls off the coast.  This glitter snow is fine, light, powdery -- much like the stuff that fell on the front end of the event.  After an hour or two of that, precip should wind down and skies should gradually clear off.   We're already in the teens now in Philadelphia so temperature drops into the lower half of the teens in the city are possible, especially since winds will remain relatively light through the night and there's some snowcover present.

Philadelphia picked up 1.5" at the Airport although some parts of NW Philadelphia picked up closer to three inches as a band of snow went across the elevated terrain just northwest of the city.  Snowfall totals were highest generally across the King of Prussia-Whitemarsh-Lower Merion area where totals approached or surpassed three inches.