Thursday, January 10, 2013

Very Mild Sunday Ahead?

Our mild pattern turns nearly downright warm over the weekend after tomorrow's system departs. Thanks to a strong low pressure center that pushed through the Upper Midwest, warmth has been pulled north into the eastern half of the country and the result is a mild weekend that will flirt with warmth for the weekend.

Temperatures on Saturday could approach 60 in some parts of the region -- Philly, points south, but it does look like Sunday will be the warmer day for us.  A frontal boundary will set up to our west, with mild air riding northeast along the front and allowing us to experience a fling of Spring-like warmth.  60-65 looks like a reasonable bet in the city and points south away from the ocean or bay.

Warmest air on Sunday may end up in Central Pennsylvania -- a west and west southwest flow down from the Appalachians will help bump temperatures up a bit for them and some upper 60's can't be ruled out near Gettysburg, Hagerstown, or towards Washington DC.

Some spots could approach a record high -- best chances would be Atlantic City and Mount Pocono for any record approaches.  Our record high is 70 -- that's a bit out of our reach.

That said, the likely 60's will be at least 20 degrees above what is normal for this time of the year...but the warmth won't last as more typical January air moves on in during the middle stretches of next week.