Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Warm December 2012 Recap

December 2012 is in the books as one of the warmest on record in Philadelphia -- finishing 6th with an average temperature of 43.1 degrees for the month.  In fact, only one day in December ended up below average on temperatures -- December 6th.   It's the second consecutive December with top ten temperatures for the month although December 2011 finished warmer by two tenths of a degree on this year.

Warmest temperature in December 2012 was 67 on December 3rd, with the month featuring four 60 or warmer highs over the course of the month.

Lowest low (which we talked about earlier today) was 29 in Philadelphia.

Precipitation was above average at 4.42", 0.86" above what is normal for December in the city.  Atlantic City finished above seven inches on rain for the month, likely one of the wetter months in Atlantic City's history.  All of the other climate sites in the region except for Reading finished above average -- Reading was below by three tenths of an inch.

On snow, we did pick up two tenths of an inch on December 24th at the Airport.  Most everyone north and west of the city picked up several inches more than that thanks to additional snows on the 26th and again the 29th, with south and east picking up just trace amounts over the course of the month.