Thursday, January 17, 2013

Warm First Half of January

January 2013's first half has been quite warm -- we've only been below average on two occasions so far when it comes to daily temperatures -- and the result has been our first half of the month is running 6.5 degrees above where we should be running so far (39.6 degrees actual versus average of 33.1).

It's not the warmest first half of January on record but it is the warmest first half of January since 2007 when we averaged 46.4 degrees.  It has been a LOT warmer than this year has been recently.

That said, the warm theme has been a bit of the norm this winter, as we outlined yesterday.

Precipitation has been pretty robust around the region so far, totaling 2.17" through yesterday.  That's 0.61" above average.   Wilmington is also running above average on rainfall, with areas north and west of the city running between a half and one inch below average.  New Jersey is running right around normal through mid month.

It did snow on the morning of January 6th in Philly and South Jersey, which coincidentally marked the beginning of the mild pattern that we are trending out of now.  Philly picked up seven tenths of an inch of snow early that morning in the month's only snowfall so far in the city.