Sunday, January 06, 2013

Weather Rewind: December 30th-January 5th

It was a rather average week across the region -- temperatures ended up 0.7 degrees above normal for this time of the year.  We've had our coldest days of the winter so far -- 35 for highs on Wednesday and Thursday, and a low of 25 on Thursday morning.  It's not very cold in the grand scheme of things but it's typical cold and typical winter at work.

The week's weather was dry, benign, and rather boring for the most part.  A cold front drifted south on New Years Day, bringing some wind to the region on the 2nd, followed by a second trough moving through on Thursday night into Friday to bring a bit more breezes to the region.

That little bit of snow that fell in the immediate Delaware Valley have melted for the most part over the past several days, but a bit more snow cover does exist as one travels north and northwest through Central and Northern Pennsylvania.  In fact, as of yesterday morning 65.8% of the country had at least some snow cover, which is more than three times the snow cover we had nationally a year ago.