Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weather Rewind -- January 13th-19th

Continuing the theme of much of winter, last week was quite warm.  Although the warmth was tempered by fog, dampness, and drear as a frontal zone lurked nearby and brought three waves of precipitation to the region (Monday night into Tuesday, Tuesday night into Wednesday, and Thursday south of town).  Before the front kicked south of Philadelphia, fog and low clouds ruled the roost on Sunday and early Monday.  However, there was very little in the way of chill around the region until Wednesday (high of 39 is normal) and again Friday (that 39 was really an early morning high, daytime temperatures were around freezing) and in both shots, such chill was somewhat fleeting.

Temperatures for the week ended up averaging 8.3 degrees above normal.   They won't average that this week as winter does, actually, finally, show up.  Nationally, this profile likely flips and flops this week as the West moderates out of its cold spell (temperatures as much as 22 degrees below average in the Great Basin so far this month) and the East gets introduced to more than a day or two of glancing cold.  We won't see temperatures as far from average as Winnemucca, NV has had so far this month (that's where the -22 from average came from) but we will be solidly eight to ten degrees below average on our coldest days this week.

In terms of rainfall, we picked up 1.40" at the Airport this week, along with some flurries on Friday morning with the cold shot that moved in.  Some parts of Southern Delaware picked up a rogue coating to an inch with the Thursday night system that produced more rains for them but couldn't draw in enough cold air to change that rain over to snow.