Monday, January 14, 2013

Weather Rewind -- January 6-12, 2013

Last week's temperatures were quite mild compared to average around the region -- averaging 8.7 degrees above where we should for this time of the year.  We're in the midst of a run of 50 degree or milder weather that's been the longest such streak in the area since 2008 -- four days through yesterday, five including today.  If there weren't substantial amounts of fog and low clouds around we'd probably bounce a 60 or two out of this stretch as well.  That said, Saturday's 53 and 43 for a high and low average out to 15 degrees above average.  It's been a warm pattern of late.

In fact,  the eastern half of the country has generally been quite mild the last 30 days although we had a couple of more normal weeks mixed in around the holidays...well, almost 45 days if we go back to the beginning of December.  Temperatures are averaging about five degrees above average since the start of December in our region...that changes later this week, albeit in steps and not all at once.

Last week also featured a brief and modest snowfall that brought coating accumulations to the city, Delaware County, and South Jersey.  Philadelphia picked up 0.7" of snow from that weak system.