Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wind Whipped Winds Of Change

The past 48 hours in Philadelphia have been a bit of a wild ride -- going from 38 at 4 AM yesterday morning to 68 in about twelve hours time, only to crash to the mid 40's by midday today...a swing upwards of 30 degrees followed by a 24 degree drop in 36 hours.

For those who are hair conscious, it was a pair of bad hair days all around -- first from yesterday's Miami-like humidity to today's wind tunnel.  The temperature swings are just mere consolation prizes and for just mere consideration but they are notable nonetheless.  The most noted temperature swing is probably in Allentown -- a 31 degree drop in 24 hours after jumping almost 25 degrees in eight hours.

Last night's winds were noted in an earlier post...but today's wind gusts have been rather significant in their own right.  Winds have gusted to as high as 54 mph in Coatesville, 53 in Mount Pocono, and 52 in Mount Holly.  All of those occurred this morning either with the front or just after it.  Winds locally have gusted in the 30's and 40's for much of the day as colder air has drawn in from the west in the wake of this morning's storm system.

Unfortunately, more wind is likely tomorrow after a weak disturbance pulls through.  Wind gusts probably crack 30 in a number of spots but we should not see the level of wind we saw earlier today.