Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Winter So Far Warm But It's Been Worse

While this winter has been off to an unseasonably warm start compared to past years, I thought some reality would be a good dose of fun in the middle of a mundane pattern.  Through Sunday, our average winter temperature is about five degrees above where it should be for winter's first 37 days (41.8 versus an approximate average of 36.8).  Not record setting warm but warm nonetheless.

Temperatures have been rather similar to last winter on average -- temperature average last winter through the 6th was 41.9, just a notch above this winter's start.

The warmest winter start in recent years was 2006-2007, which averaged 44 degrees through the first 37 days.  That winter featured 25 days out of the first 37 with highs at or above 50 degrees, which is ten more than this winter has wrought upon us so far.   That winter also featured Philadelphia's last 70 degree days during the winter months -- December 1st and January 6th (when it hit 73 that day).  For cold lovers, it's been worse in recent times...although in 2006-07 the second half of winter was much more wintry (and "sleety") than its first half.

The warmest winter through January 6th was 1931-1932, whose average temperature was 44.1 degrees.  1931-1932 was the warmest winter on record in Philadelphia (average final temperature of 43.3) as well.