Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Approaching Rain & Increasing Wind

Today's weather features mainly cloudy skies in advance of tonight's storm system.  Clouds will gradually thicken through the day, lowering this afternoon as rains approach and move in after 3 PM to our southwest. It should start raining locally around 5 PM in the city, with rain spreading northeast through the course of the evening.

Locally, about an inch of rain, perhaps a notch more than that south and east of the city, is anticipated.  South of I-78, precipitation will be all rain.  Between I-78 and the Poconos, some sleet is possible with some snow mixing in at times across the hills near Blue Mountain.  North of the tunnel and Blue Mountain, sleet, snow, and freezing rain is likely with accumulations of snow between an inch and three inches depending on elevation (more snow in higher elevations, less snow in valleys but more icy rain) in the Poconos.  We'll have more details on all the mess up to our north later on this morning.

Rain will be steady at times this evening and tonight, locally, with an increasing wind preceding and during the storm system.  Winds will gust to 30 mph locally, perhaps to 45 mph at the Shore this evening and tonight.

Daytime highs will occur in the midday hours, likely in the mid and upper 40's through the region.  Temperatures will slip back as rain moves in thanks to a dry lower atmosphere helping to knock temperatures back a notch at the onset of precipitation later today.