Monday, February 11, 2013

February 12th, 2013 Forecast

Today's showers helped wash that salt and, around the Philly burbs, a decent amount of that snow away.  We might need to have more brine (and perhaps salt if it does indeed snow) laid down on the roads on Wednesday in advance of a possible rain or snow scenario that the GFS had been advertising with relative consistency over the past few days.  We'll provide an updated look at the info on this situation later this evening.

Locally, with today's rains departing, we will have a nice day to day and a half ahead as the storm system pulls away and we get some sunshine in here tomorrow.  Tonight's weather features skies becoming partly cloudy overnight, with lows dropping into the lower half of the 30's regionwide.  Fog could be locally dense this evening, perhaps reducing visibility north of the city to a half mile or less.

Tuesday features a sky that, at worst, is a mix of clouds and sun but probably ends up more on the lines of mostly sunny. It will be breezy at times as winds could briefly gust over 25 mph.  Highs will get into the mid 40's for most of us, which won't be a bad day by mid February standards.

We'll provide another update on Wednesday night's possible snow/rain event later this evening.