Monday, February 18, 2013

February 19th, 2013 Forecast

A brief warmup is going to take place on Tuesday in advance of a low pressure center that's going to push through the Great Lakes and Northeast, sending a cold front on through the region tomorrow evening.  Showers accompany the front, with those showers falling perhaps as snow or icy rain tomorrow as they move through.  Temperatures trend colder for Wednesday and Thursday in response to the fronts passage through the region as we deal with a week of chill around the region.

Tonight's weather will feature calmer conditions than what we've dealt with for the past couple of days with a varied mix of clouds and stars. Temperatures tonight will drop down into the 20's, with lower 20's north and upper 20's from the city on south.

Clouds increase quickly on Tuesday morning, with showers into the area by midday and into the afternoon.  Those showers may fall as snow or icy rain on the front end in the Poconos before transitioning out of the non-freezing, non-frozen variety as temperatures nudge warmer.  Highs tomorrow vary quite a bit around the region -- around 40 in the upper edges of the Lehigh Valley for a high to the mid 50's south of the city.  In Philadelphia, we're projecting a high around 50 degrees.  It will be breeze during the afternoon hours with south and southwest winds at 12 to 18 mph, gusting to perhaps 30 along the coast.