Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 21st, 2013 Forecast

The wind tunnel of chill continues tonight and tomorrow as cold westerly breezes push through the region.  Gusts this evening could reach 40 mph before dying down a bit after 8 PM.  Regardless, it will remain breezy through the night with sustained winds at 12-18 mph.  With mostly clear skies, the pittance of "warmth" from today will radiate out into the atmosphere and temperatures will drop off to between 18 and 23 throughout the region by tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow features mostly sunny skies. It also features another round of wind with west winds at 15-25 mph, gusting to perhaps 35 mph in spots during the midday hours.  Winds should slowly subside in the afternoon. Temperatures tomorrow afternoon will be cold, with highs generally between 35 and 39 throughout the region.

Friday's system, as of now, looks to bring an initial shot of snow showers to the city and immediate burbs as it moves in during the afternoon and evening hours. We're not looking at a huge event but the prospect of an inch or two on unpaved surfaces is possible.  A stronger wave of low pressure organizes to the south and pushes on through on Saturday, with rain likely for much of the region although it may end as snow across the Poconos as colder air wraps in as the storm intensifies.