Friday, February 22, 2013

February 23rd, 2013 Forecast

With Winter Weather Advisories posted for the northers parts of the outlying counties and into the Lehigh Valley, we're still expected some wintery weather to precede the rain shield moving closer to the area.  However, most of that initial surge of precipitation has broken up or isn't reaching the ground.  For tonight, then, I'm still expected some mixing or snow to start off the precipitation but it won't be as long.  Look for a light coating on grassy surfaces that will quickly disappear once the rain starts.  The change over should occur around midnight south of the Lehigh Valley.  Freezing rain or sleet is possible up until daybreak the farther north you go.  Temperatures hovering just above the freezing mark around the metro and towards the south and east, but to the north and west, lows could dip into the upper 20's.  Tomorrow looks like an ugly and soggy day, with rain showers throughout the day.  Winds will remain out of the east at 5 to 10 mph.  Highs tomorrow will range from the mid- to upper 40's throughout the region.

Skies clear out nicely for Sunday, making it the better day of the weekend.  Highs will top intot he upper 40's.  Monday is another transition day, with mostly clear skies to start out but with clouds building throughout the day.  By nightfall, rain and snow showers could be moving in.  Highs for the start of the workweek still in the mid- to upper 40's.  Another cloudy and dreary day on tap for Tuesday, with snow showers to start then changing to rain showers as our high will get into the upper 40's again.  While clearer then Tuesday, both Wednesday and Thursday could feature passing showers as the back end of this system is slow to move off.  Temperatures will remain close to the 50-degree mark, nearly ensuring that most of this precipitation is liquid.  By Friday, we're still looking at variable cloudiness, but I think the precipitation will have moved on by this time.

Keep your eye out as you travel tonight and tomorrow, especially north and west.  There could be a few slick spots out there.