Wednesday, February 06, 2013

February 7th, 2013 Forecast

Attention has turned quickly to Friday and Friday night's storm -- and for good reason as the prospect of some accumulating snow seems to loom overhead for portions of the region, especially north and northeast of the city.  However, it's not on lock yet.  More on this as we approach the storm.

We still have tonight and tomorrow to get through, which thankfully offer a bit more certainty.

Tonight offers a mix of clouds and stars, light winds, and a pretty decent chance for the region to chill.  Lows overnight range from the teens in the colder towns to the mid 20's in Center City and at the Shore.  In advance of the next storm system, clouds will increase tomorrow, but we will remain dry during the day.  Winds nudge to the east at 5-10 mph and it will be an increasingly gray day.  Expect highs generally in the 30's, with a 40 degree high possible along the coast.

Friday's storm system starts with light precipitation -- light snow that transitions to rain along the coast and perhaps up to Philadelphia's northern suburbs, before colder air works in as the southern piece of this storm intensifies.  How quick it intensifies and how much it bombs out determines the specific track with the storm and how much snow ends up falling.  Best chances of more snow continue to be to the city's north and northeast.  The snowiest time frame (should the stronger, bomb out solution) verify is Friday night into early Saturday.