Thursday, February 28, 2013

First February Since 2010 Without 60's

February 2013 is going to not only end up with below average temperatures in Philadelphia (second month in last four) but will also feature just the third February in the last nine years where the city didn't crack 60 degrees in the month.

Hitting 60 in February is a relatively regular occurrence in recent years -- since 2000, it's happened every year but four (adding 2003 to the list).  Some years, those occurrences of 60 or warmer are a bit more frequent, like 2011 when we topped 60 five times, including a high of 69 degrees.  However, the best we could do this year was just a high of 57 on February 15th.  Through yesterday, that 57 was one of just three days where the high cracked 50 in the month.

Last year had 12 and 2011 had nine such days.  2010 was the first February since 1978 without a single 50 degree day.

Temperatures for the month will end up about a degree or so below average.  We'll give the final details on the month tomorrow.