Monday, February 04, 2013

Flizzard of Opportunity

Last night's pittance snows have yielded a fifth accumulating snowfall for many locations over the past week. For some, it's still disappointment since none of these snows have been "big" in their backyard (except for you in Cape May and Dover last Friday) but it's been arguably the most prolific snowfall pattern we've seen around here since January 2011.

Nickel and diming our way to snowfall accumulations this winter is often the norm...relying on big snows is a painful exercise.  Those happen but many winters are made up of these smaller snows adding a few tenths, an inch, here and there.  One big snowfall makes a good winter but it's like the big play in football...not always likely to happen and often carried on the back of the small rushing plays up the middle.

We have another of those rushing plays coming through tonight, poised to bring more minor accumulating snow to the Delaware Valley after 10 PM.  Modeling indicates that a clipper that's currently tracking through the Great Lakes early this morning will push east and across the Mid Atlantic for tonight, spreading light snow across the region.

If the NAM is to be believed, the best chances for steadier light snow may be along the PA Turnpike, give or take 20-30 miles either side of it...into New Jersey along I-195 give or take 20 miles either side.  NAM is a bit more generous with developing some additional precip south of the "swath" of snow down towards AC and Hammonton.  In many respects, this is another coating plus type system...with snow showers, flurries, and light snow likely to cross on through the Delaware Valley between 10 PM and 4 AM.

Generally, accumulations tonight are in the coating to inch for many, with some inch or two inch totals possible in the swath of steadier light snows along and either side of the PA Turnpike and I-195.  Again, not a huge event by any stretch but it's another dime or perhaps two dime event for some of you.