Friday, February 01, 2013

January 2013 Recap

January 2013 was not as known as last January...we only averaged out to 3.5 degrees above average compared to five degrees above last year.  You can thank that near week of significant cold as our solace in an otherwise warm month overall.  The month's generally mild first three weeks was followed by a yo-yo of extremes, from cold for a week to the last three days of extreme and, in some spots, record breaking warmth.

Temperature extremes for the month were 12 on the 23rd, 68 on the 30th.  That 68 degree high was our highest January reading since January 7th, 2007's 73 degree high and is one of 22 days in January in Philadelphia where we've reached or broke the 68 degree reading.

You can see the extreme flip-flop over the course of the month -- mild for most of January early on, bottom falling out on the 21st, returning to warmth at month's end briefly before the large storm brought an end to the warmth on the 31st.

Rainfall (and melted) snow for January ended up at 3.34", about a third of an inch above average in the city. Above average rains, buoyed by the month end storm, were common north and west of the city as some spots ended up closer to an inch above average for the month towards Allentown.  On snow, the city picked up 3.9" of snow for the month.  Average is about 6.5 so we came in a bit more than two and a half inches under average.  Not terrible but the lack of snow early in the winter has the seasonal departure a bit closer to six inches so far.