Monday, February 11, 2013

Morning Rain, Ice North. Remaining Cloudy PM

Rain and Freezing Rain have overspread the area this morning.  As of 7am, temperatures in the city and points south and east are warm enough for just plain rain.  But further north there is freezing rain occurring and advisories are posted for many counties north and west of the city.  The freezing line is currently around Trenton to Bucks County.   Temperatures will gradually warm over the next few hours and these areas will eventually change to plain rain.

A storm system is over the Midwest and Great Lakes with a warm front to our south.  The front will slowly move north through our area today.  Most of the rain will fall this morning.  It will dry out this afternoon, but remain cloudy.  Temperatures will also warm, but there will be a difference from north to south.  Highs north of the city will stay in the lower 40's.  In the city, it will be around 50 degrees  and points south will be in the lower to middle 50's.  Winds will also switch around to the southwest once the warm front moves through.  But the front will struggle to make it through northern areas, if at all.

Drier weather comes in for tomorrow, with yet another system possible for late Wednesday into Valentines Day.